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What are the face masks made up of ?

Face masks are made up of 100% 3-ply cotton. They are very soft, comfortable, with a layer of filter, adjustable nose clip with soft elastic band ear loops.

Are the face masks reusable ?

Yes. The Face masks are washable and reusable. The beaded ones are hand washable only.

Can I wash the face mask?

The beaded masks are hand washable with mild detergent and the non beaded one can be machine washed on a gentle cycle but recommend hand washing.

Can I put the face mask in a dryer ?

We recommend air dry or hang dry for the beaded face masks and do not put them in the dryer. The non-beaded face masks can be put into dryer on low heat. Use tumble dry low.

Can I Iron the face mask?

You cannot iron the beaded face masks but the plain cloth ones without beads can be ironed on a very low heat.

Can I return a Face Mask ?

No. We do not accept returns on face masks because of COVID19. All face masks sales are final and not exchangable or refundable.

Can I exchange a face mask ?

No. We do not offer exchanges on face masks because of COVID19. All face masks are sales are final and not exchangable or refundable.

Do you take custom orders for a face mask ?

Yes. If you have a design you want please contact us at

Do you offer discounts on bulk orders ?

Yes. Please contact us at for custom and bulk orders.

What payment methods do you accept ?

We accept most credit cards.

How long does it take to ship out orders ?

It takes 3-4 days once the order is processed and payment is received. For customized item it will take a little longer based on the design.

Can I track my order after it is shipped ?

Yes. The customer will receive an email confirmation with a tracking number once the order is fullfilled.

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